Sabato Russo

Sabato Russo studied architecture in Milan and Florence, but understood his right path as a fashion designer traveling to Tokyo and working with Issey Miyake and Kansasi Yamamoto. In Paris, he became the man collection icon of Nino Cerruti and discovered his interest for creating design and fashion. At the age of 23, Sabato moved to New York where he worked as a private label designer for Barneys and as a creative director for several collections of Gianfranco Ferrè, Fendi, Redaelli, and others.


Sabato also worked for Global Moscow and the Petruzzelli theatre of Bari, but later on he created his first project, Sartorial Monk. Infusing his deepest personal vision and taking care of all the layers and processes of development, necessary to define an established brand.

Afterwards, Sabato Russo evolved his creative legacy on the self-titled-Milan- based brand. Delivering timeless pieces while still being present and contemporary, his collections complement the style and the personality of its customers.


The designer touch gives the made-in- Italy creations the attributes of harmony and sophistication. The most refined fabrics are carefully selected to convey elegance based on just one principle: the immortality of simplicity.


The style is riche, versatile, minimalist. Defining Sabato’s work as aesthetically pleasing while embellishing it with a sense of softness, communicative calm, sensuality and fluidity. The architectural lines reflect the synthesis of Sabato Russo’s studies and experience.


«Hands are my first source of inspiration. I’m fascinated by that such a complex structure of bones, muscles and skin is perfectly fitting for the most simple and genuine representation of the human being soul»

Sabato Russo’s woman collections are naturalistic and luxurious at the same time: the minimal approach always translates in an idyllic and eloquent timeless elegance. His attention to details elevates an intricate design into a simplistic quintessential level. Equilibrium is attained by the precision of single elements brought together smoothly.


Sabato Russo’s man collections are defined by an exquisite balance between the classic approach and the modern touch. Lines are firm but delicate, colors are natural but equilibrated to the design, the style is simplistic but refined.

Sabato’s skill-set, know-how and experience allow him to create and direct different creative visions, similar and opposed to his niche design: Generating timeless products, ceremonial, casual daily wear and even up-to-date trends.

«Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones»





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